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Mahdi Mestou
Mahdi Mestou
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Best cloud provider , efficiently, fast and most important support after service is so quick !!
priyansh jain
priyansh jain
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most trusted cloud service i found out. i am a mac user and wanted to use tally over the cloud. they gave me very good service. i always ask them question again and again but they response me in very polite manner always. i would always recommend this cloud services to my friends and relatives
Amit Mittal
Amit Mittal
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Great service to use Tally on cloud. Must for all Multi User tally.
Rupendra Dubey (Max Solutions)
Rupendra Dubey (Max Solutions)
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Anuj Mittal
Anuj Mittal
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Highly recommended. Helpful and supportive customer care. Turnaround time is very quick. Specially would like to acknowledge the response of Akshay who is always responsive even odd hours of day. Always ready to help. Product is wonderful and donot have any problem in last 2-3 months.
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CA GOPAL Mohanka
CA GOPAL Mohanka
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Tally stack, provide tally on cloud to access tally anywhere at low rate. Tally stack, especially Akshay commitment towards ensuring that the customer has no glitches in running the business, very quick response to issues. Work with a good system and process style. I am satisfied customer and recommending to all please use tally provided by Tally stack. CA.Gopal Mohanka
Sunil Joshi
Sunil Joshi
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Good service
Kanav Mahajan
Kanav Mahajan
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Has been using services since last 1 year satisfied with the service. Quick response from support team. Thanx for the trouble free services
VP Singh
VP Singh
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Very Nice & support also good

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Online tally accounting software.
  • Use Tally Anywhere, Anytime, Any device
  • Highest Uptime of 99.99%
  • Automatic Backup Facility Available
  • Print Reports From Anywhere
  • Access Tally Reports From Any Device
  • Super Fast Cloud Servers
  • Real Time Data Synchronization
  • Secured Cloud Network
Tally On Cloud
TS desktop
TS Mobile

Our Tally on Cloud Pricing Plans

Tallystack servers Tally on Cloud service Worldwide. Get your version of Tally on Cloud computing at Best price, Pricing Plans Starting from $5 per user per month only. Zero Hidden Costs. Use your own Tally License.

  • User Based Cloud
    • $ 12 /User/Monthly
      • HTML5 – Web Access
      • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
      • Local Printer
      • Remote Support
      • Ransomware Protection
      • MAC id binding
      • User Logs
      • Daily Backup

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  • Tally Based VM
    • $ 50 /Monthly
      • 100 GB SSD Space
      • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
      • 4 GB Guaranteed Ram
      • Up to 5 Users capacity
      • Processors -4 Vcores
      • Operating system-2012
      • Tally support-24/7
      • Cache-15MB
      • Set Up Fee – free
      • Daily Backup

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  • Tally Dedicated Server
    • $ 240 /Monthly
      • 250 GB SSD Space
      • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
      • 32 GB Guaranteed RAM
      • 25-40 Users capacity
      • Processors – 6 core
      • Cache -15 Mb
      • Operating System – 2012
      • Tally Support – 24/7
      • Set-up Fee – Free
      • Daily Backup

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What is Tally On Cloud?

Tally On All Device On Cloud
  • Tally On Cloud is a perfect solution for those who want to use Tally or Tally prime Anywhere, Any Time, and on Any Device.
  • Tally is one of the best ERP based accounting software packages used for recording day to day business data of a company.
  • It also integrates with other business applications such as Sales, Finance, Purchasing, Payroll, Inventory, etc.
  • Multiple Tally shortcut keys are available for all business operations but it has its own limitation as you can only Use Tally on the System in which it is installed.
  • You cannot Use Tally from Anywhere which is the main limitation because you cannot use Tally from Anywhere.
  • All these limitations can be overcome by online Tally on Cloud. Cloud Tally came as the perfect solution for all the business needs.
  • Running Tally accounting software on Cloud or Tally prime on Cloud offers this awesome ability to use online any version of Tally on Mac or Windows for Tally on Cloud multi users or single user.
  • You also need not worry as add-ons make the cloud experience more effective & also your service provider will take complete care of its day-to-day management.
  • Tallystack is one of the leading brands in providing any version of Tally on Cloud solution and is also known for its VPS server’s excellency.
  • Best Tally on cloud service provider like Tallystack could be your prominent destination for availing affordable Tally prime cloud price or any Tally cloud price.
Tally VM

Tally Based VM

With the efficient features of tally software, Use of modern technology like virtual machines can give you a package of smart solutions. With the use of Tally Cloud Based VM you can run your tally version from anywhere at anytime from any device using any OS. Tally VM eliminates the installation of Tally hardware as your tally account is managed virtually through our cloud servers.

Tally Dedicated Server

Tally Dedicated Server

Configure Tally on Cloud & increase the efficiency of time and functioning as it provides continuous services from anywhere at any time. It has reduced the complications of installing and managing various hardware, employing a lot of time in it. With this service, you not only get the productive features of tally software and cloud facility, but you also get the advantages of exclusive Tally on Cloud features comes with.

Tally Dedicated Server
Tally User Based

Tally User Based

Tally User Based Cloud is a platform where users get cloud space in a server along with other users. User are not restricted to any location and user can host Tally on Cloud for Mac or on any device. Tally on Cloud single user is ideal for individual, startups, small to medium-sized businesses who need remote access to their Tally software and data anytime anywhere.

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Tally On Premises Vs Tally On Cloud


Tally On Premises

Tally On Cloud

Setup Time

It Takes More time for Setup 

It takes Less than 10 mins to setup


You are restricted to use Tally from only one location

You Can Access Tally From Anywhere

Data Protection

Inadequate Cyber Attack Protection

Cyber Or Ransomware Attack Protection Available

Backup Facility

Need To Take Manual Backup

Automatic Backup Facility Available

Data Access

Restriction to access data from any device

You Can Check Reports From Any Device


Need Multiple Software Level Licenses across different locations

1 multiuser license sufficient for at least 10 users across different location

Data Centralization

Data Centralization comes with huge challenge

Tally data on Cloud provide effective centralization.

User Capacity

Good for more than 500 users

Good For Below 500 Users


IT personnel Needed

Support Provided within Tally On Cloud Plans


24/7 Expert Support

Our Expert Support Online and On-call are always at you service. Even if any issues arise, our professionalized support team will help you to resolve all the issues within a few seconds whenever you come to us.

Suitable For Your Budget

Flexible Monthly Tally Cloud pricing plans to suit your budget. A single license can be used for multiple locations & need less time for increasing/decreasing computing resources.

Highly Secured and Backup

We concentrate on utmost security. Each user is availed with a particular VM. With no direct access allowed to any users, your version of Tally ERP cloud based is safeguarded against malicious practices & all the attackers.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access

Now Access Cloud Tally on Web Anytime, Anywhere & on any Windows or MacBook devices. With the assistance of this technology, you can run Tally Mac on Cloud virtually from anywhere you find an internet connection.

User Friendly

Tally on Cloud facilitates remote printing on local printers & access to cloud tally files online from any device at any time. Connected users can remote access & work with exported files by hosting Tally on Cloud for Mac or Windows.

Maximum Uptime

Agile & continuous operation of the Tally server ensures 99.99% of uptime with utmost reliability & live financial and operational reporting at an affordable Tally on Cloud price.

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How Tally On Cloud Service Can Boost Your Business

Tallystack allows solving the problem of security and fault tolerance of the system, the preservation of confidential data at the minimum total cost of ownership and the size of the terminal.

Benefits of Tally on Cloud Services

Tally On Cloud
Pre-configured data warehouse for rapid implementations

tally On Cloud
Customizable modules, detailed with web security

Tally On Cloud
Dynamic directory integrated with security

Tally On Cloud
Download Cloud-based live financial and operational reporting

Tally On Cloud
Ease in planning, budgeting, forecasting and analyzing

tally on cloud
Access to the transactions history online over a single click

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Retention Rate

Why To Choose Tally On Cloud

Our Tally Cloud setup are frequently referred to as an enterprise analytic platform that combines cloud, records insight, and undefined choice support, along with your organization’s most necessary asset.

Use Tally Anywhere, Anytime & on Anydevice


Tally ERP and data are hosted in high-speed Virtual Machines. It is hosted on Superfast Virtual Machines on our Tier 3 Data Centers. You can use Tally on Remote Desktop Connection which makes it easy to access cloud Tally for mac or window from Anywhere, Anytime, & on Any Device.



Cloud-based Tally is very Useful for Small Business as they don’t have to stress on maintaining server. Indian or International businesses with multiple branches who want to centralize Tally ERP cloud make it easy to access from Anywhere. Our Tally Cloud single user price or Tally Cloud multi user price are affordable.



Our Product comes with a flexible monthly plan which suits your budget and user size. Tally on Cloud benefits reduces the infrastructure cost which reduces your overall expenditure in revenue and increase the revenue of your business.


4.Multiuser Access

Cloud Tally comes with Multiuser access. At a time 80 concurrent users can use Tally ERP on it. Tally on Cloud multi user prices are very affordable for business. Cloud-based Tally ERP protects your Data from any Ransomware attack.



Your Tally ERP 9 Data is Highly Secured on it. Tally or Tally prime remote access comes with the latest Antivirus security which prevents any kind of Virus. Install Tally On Cloud to protects your data from any ransomware attack.

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Checkout the Testimonials of our Customers

I am satisfied customer and recommending to all please use tally provided by Tally stack
“Tally stack, provide tally on cloud to access tally anywhere at low rate. Tally stack, especially Akshay commitment towards ensuring that the customer has no glitches in running the business, very quick response to issues.”

CA Gopal Mohanka

The organisation is providing a great service
“The organisation is providing a great service. Having tally on cloud has various advantages to increase the productivity of your organisation. The team at tallystack also provides various customizations which you may need specifically. The team and specially Akshay is very helpful.”

Kaustubh Chauhan

Very quick response to issues
“Very happy to have been associated with tally stack,especially Akash s commitment towards ensuring that the customer has no glitches in running the business,very quick response to issues,work with a good system and process style Wishing Tallystack the very best in all their future endeavours.Good luck.”

Sundareshwar Chetty


Frequently Asked Question Tally On Cloud

How secure is my tally data?

tally data securityYour Cloud Tally ERP 9 statistics is utmost secured with our server as we guarantee that your tally account is accessible to only the authorized users. We ourselves do not disturb your tally information without your consent. We first sign an NDA with our revered clients and then browse via their tally information with the aid of their permission. We make sure that your tally information on the cloud is secured from all the malicious activities.

How much storage or computing capacity will I get?

Tally On Cloud


Tallystack offers you unlimited storage space with the CPU/RAM resources proficiently managed by the Tally cloud software.

Can I save my other documents on Tally in Cloud?

tally on cloud documentsThe answer is no as Tally cloud dedicated solutions, committed to only tally functioning, can’t keep other files which are no longer associated to Tally. It is capable of conserving and storage all the tally associated features like: Tally ERP9, Tally server 9.

Does Tally on cloud support TDL Tally customization?

Tally BackupYes, all the TDL customization requirements can be fulfilled easily with Tally on cloud server. Being an exception, where the TDLs may ask for integration of some other windows based applications which are subject to be tested.

In a large number of user network, can I restrict a set of users to access only a certain set of companies?

tally on cloud network accessWith the cloud feature in Tally on cloud, you can restrict any number of users according to your wish. The Group management Addon in the Tally on cloud can be used to achieve this.

Can I backup or copy my data to my local PC?

tally on cloud backup


Yes, you can backup and copy your data easily on your PC as you get a web panel to configure your local backup devices according to your requirements. It also enables automated scheduled backup every day.

Is Cost of Tally License Included in this?

No, Tallystack doesn’t provide any tally product license. Tally License is required to be brought in by you. You can use your existing Tally Licenses for this.

Do you also provide Tally accounting software?

No we don’t provide Tally accounting software, We only provide Cloud Infrastructure for Tally.

Do you provide Tally on Cloud Service outside India?

Yes, we provide Tally on Cloud service for worldwide locations. Our Tally on Cloud experts are available at your assistance 24*7*365 days.
Frequently Asked Question Tally On Cloud

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